ADR cargo (hazardous)

Hazardous supplies have substantial portion in overall traffic volume. Hazardous commodities are the goods which can cause harm to environment along with humans’ health and life in case traffic accident or any other cargo damage in transit.

Nowadays reliable transport operator’s services to carry hazardous commodities are really in demand as all measures to be taken to protect population and environment are to be considered for such supplies transportation.  

YAKO Apricus company provides hazardous commodities transportation by trucks, railway, airplane and other transportation modes. We have our own transportation means to provide this kind of carriage and we also have transportation means of our partners available. All these transport facilities have permits to transport hazardous commodities.

Our operations are done in line with European Agreement Concerning the International carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

Hazardous goods are classified in compliance with classification developed by UN Economic Commission for Europe.

With reference to ADR Convention hazardous commodities are classified as follows:

Class 1

Explosive materials which when in transit can explode or cause fire with explosion. Same class refer the devices intended to generate pyrotechnical effect;


Class 2

Liquiefied gases, dissolved and compressed;

Class 3

Highly flammable fluids, liquid mixtures and mixtures containing suspended or soluted solid matters, exhaling flammable vapors with  closed-cup flash point of 61°C and lower;


Class 4

Highly flammable materials and dangerous substances (except but those explosive) which when in transit are easily igniting from external flame sources;


Class 5

Organic peroxides and oxidizing agents easily disengaging oxygen and sustain combustion along with substances which can cause spontaneous combustion and explosion;


Class 6

Contagious and toxical agents which can cause intoxication, diseases or death in case ingested or swallowed or in case contacted with mucous membrane and derma;


Class 8

Corrosive and caustic agents causing skin lesions, air passages and eye mucosa damages, as well as ytransportation means (consignments, constructions) damage and corrosion of metals. This class also refers to certain caonsignments which can cause fire;


Class 9

Other groups of dangerous commodities which is features with low hazard level in transit and which are not referred to any above listed classes. However their transportation requires certin rules observation.