Consolidated cargo

Consolidated cargo transportation is one of the most convenient and cost effective method of goods delivery. It is advantageous as it is not necessary to pay for the whole truck or lease complete container in case your cargo is small. An additional point is that it is just about the only way to deliver small consignment in cost effective way as client is paying for actual or volumetric weight of transported cargo only.

 YAKO Apricus company will be pleased to transport your small cargo in the most cost saving way using consolidated cargo option. Consolidated cargo delivery implies small consignments transportation with single transportation mode from a number of consignors.

Our experience assists us to arrange consolidated consignments in the most effective way considering the requests of each consignor with regards to delivery time, assure cargo safety in transit, etc. Consolidated cargo can be arranged in several options - from various consignors to various consignees, from several consignors to same consignee and from single consignor to various consignees.

Consolidated cargo delivery from Europe:

from Germany
from Belgium
from Netherlands
from Denmark
from France
from Austria
from Czech Republic
from Switzerland
from Poland
from Slovakia
from Baltic states and other EU countries
along with multimodal cargo transportation from China.

 to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan 

We have several consolidation warehouses in Poland and Ukraine. Availability of warehouses and contracts with foreign partners is solid basis to keep the terms and conditions of cargo delivery.

Business terms and conditions

The following factors are taken into consideration when consolidated consignment is arranged:

  • weight;
  • overall dimensions;
  • delivery term;
  • fragility;
  • reansportation mode;
  • route mileage.

Optional services provided by the company:

  •  cargo insurance services;
  • transshipment and storage services;
  • services in transport documents execution (including customs clearance);
  • cargo marking and packaging services;
  • complete legal support of logistic processes from Contract signing up to cargo delivery to consignee.