Off-size consignments transportation

We provide services in special purpose equipment or any off-size consignment transportation with semi-trailer. Furthermore you can take semi-trailer or platform on lease at our company . 

When scheduling any off-size commodity transportation the following major items are to be taken into consideration: commodity weight, its parameters and gravity center being very important feature for off-gauge cargoes.

The company performs detailed analysis of all situations which can occur with off-size consignments in transit. Based on such analysis results we select the best option with regards to transportation cost along with safety provision. Tailored approach when choosing low-bed semitrailer or platform provides for relible coverage of all the risks when off-gauge consignments transporting.

Our company has a wealth of experience in off-gauge cargoes transportation through Europe and former Soviet states. Furthermore our routes are estimated in such a way to make transportation cheaper and faster taking into consideration the fact that off-gauge commodities transportation is effected with the types of road paving, road quality, specific climatic features of various regions along with possible local law restrictions in off-size cargoes transportation.

Our transportation means correspond the most strict safety regulations, including European ones. We are working with clients from various industrial branches: food stuff, agricultural, construction, metallurgy, etc.

For the time our company is at the market we’ve gained reputation of reliable, responsible and qualified hauler and business partner.